BICYCLE CYBERPUNK Playing Cards. Survival in a dystopian world

The collaboration between Will Roya ( and different artists in search of interesting designs for collectible playing cards is well known by all the card fans. This collaboration that produced more than a dozen decks in 2018 strikes again this year with the BICYCLE CYBERPUNK Playing Cards.

The Colombian artist Jaime Meza has been inspired by a dystopian world dwelt by different tribes that survive in the chaos created in a society corrupted by power and governed by machines.

Each suit represents one of these gangs, that tell a part of their post-apocalyptic history, led by fierce warriors in the court and a complete customization of each and every one of the cards. The brotherhood, the pirates, the “good guys” and the Yakuxa draw this society full of intrigues and struggle for survival.



The back shows a disturbing symmetrical composition with a face between cybernetic and extraterrestrial that also appears in the tuck case.



The deck, already funded, will be printed by the USPCC and Bicycle branded. Some extras such as the numbered seal or improvements in the tuck case have been stated as stretch goals.

If you want to get it, visit the project website and raise your pledge. You can also take advantage to get most of the previous creations by Will Roya.

Good luck!