KIRA Playing Cards. A naturally balanced deck

Three years after his latest crowdfunding project, Sven Philipp ( mixes ideas of magic and design in this new deck: KIRA.

Kira arises from the desire of the magician Ernest Schulz to create his own deck of cards with a special customization. In this way, the designer Ade Santora created a new set of illustrations in which the graphic elements create a sense of harmonious movement.



Respecting the traditional red and black colors, large aces recall nature shapes in which branches with thorns and leaves are intertwined and appear in the rest of the custom faces.



The back shows the same illustration as the front of the tuck case in a symmetrical composition.



Apart from the the 54 traditional cards, a third custom joker and a double backer gaff card are also included.

The deck will be printed by Cartamundi in Belgium with their famous B9 finish that stands out for its great flexibility and handling.

Tiers and worldwide shipping are quite reasonable, especially for more than one deck. If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!