EPHEMERID COLLECTORS EDITION Playing Cards. The definitive collection in letterpress technique

Throughout several campaigns we have been able to enjoy the creative talent of Fabien Barral (Mr. Cup) in his Ephemerid Playing Cards. During the production of his previous campaign, Fabien was able to experiment with different textures and colors in the tuck cases and then decided to launch a new and exclusive campaign with some of the most luxurious and beautiful proposals: EPHEMERID COLLECTORS EDITIONS.

This campaign takes advantage of all the great qualities of the original deck: the tuck cases made using letterpress and  a collage technique where the traditional symbology (suits, indexes, numbers, …) is combined with real collection objects in a very careful and quite original aesthetic.

The campaign offers up to seven new decks in the four collector’s editions. In addition, it also releases the reprint of the original deck with a much more luxurious finish. It is also possible to get the decks of the three precious metals campaign.



Since the number of editions and decks is quite large, I will try to summarize what is offered in this campaign:

  • Collector’s Edition 1: white tuck case black and silver foils. The cards will be black and white with silver metallic ink. The edition is limited to 500 units but there are only 100 available in this campaign (the rest were all sold in the previous one as a Kickstarter exclusive).
  • Collector’s Edition 2: white tuck a case with cream and copper foils. The cards will be in black and copper with metallic inks. Limited edition of 180 decks.
  • Collector’s Edition 3: white tuck with white and holographic foils. The cards will be in black and copper with metallic inks. Limited edition of 120 decks.
  • Collector’s Edition 4: This edition includes four tuck cases cases with paper in different shades of gray and white and silver foils. The cards will be black and white with silver metallic inks. Available only as a set in a limited run of 100 units.



  • Gold, silver and copper editions: the same precious metal decks offered in the previous campaign with tuck cases in red, blue and white colors and foils that combine white, gold, silver and copper. The cards will be respectively in black/gold, blue/silver and black/copper.



  • Original edition: reprint of the original deck in a new tuck case with gold foil and the original classic cards in four colors with gold metallic ink.


In addition to the different tuck case variations, there are a total of five different variations for the cards. As always, Fabien wanted to transfer a part of his personality to the cards and thus, due to his dyslexia, he decided to make four different color combinations to distinguish between both red and black suits easier. In addition, being ambidextrous, the indexes are in the four corners facilitating the game for left-handed and right-handed people. Each card also shows an inspiring quote for a daily reflection.



The tuck cases and the impressive seals will be printed in France with the letterpress technique and using hot foil. The cards will be printed by NPCC.



A quite short campaign that is doing really well. If you want to get these authentic collector’s editions, hurry up before they run out.

Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!