NOUVEAU Playing Cards. New editions of ancient and delicate inspiration



Crowdfunding for playing cards projects on Kickstarter has become a real uncertainty impossible to predict. While a seemingly simple card game collects millions of dollars, playing cards campaigns with a promising design end without reaching the funding goal.

That’s the case of Bona Fide Playing Cards, a dynamic and creative group based in Spain devoted to the design of unique and original playing Cards. After trying several times with funding goals each time more accurate to print with USPCC, they have decided (like other did before) to make a smaller print run and be able to realize his deck: NOVEAU.

It seems this could be the definitive campaign for this deck inspired, on the one side, by the original Rouen designs for the very first French playing cards and its historical and mythological characters and, on the other side, by one of the most amazing artistic movementsArt Nouveau, also born in France and characterized by intricate linear designs and flowing curves based on natural forms.

The deck has been completely customized and all the illustrations are really stunning and bold. The decorative elements are refined and full of symbolism, as the original suits and cards were. The back of the cards, intricately designed, is the maximum expression of the art style the deck is inspired by.

The project shows two different decks: the original edition and the turquoise edition, both printed by The Expert Playing Card Company in print runs of 1,000 each.

Enjoy the beauty of these cards and visit the project website to raise your pledge. This deck must become real to delight card fans.

Good luck!