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20 September

NOUVEAU Playing Cards. The definitive campaign of the UC 2016 Deck

The time has come, and the best predictions are fulfilled for NOUVEAU. I talked about it a few weeks ago when I announced that it would become the United Cardists 2016 Official Deck. At that time I interviewed its creator, Karin Yan (Bona Fide Playing Cards) and its producer, Mike Ratledge (United Cardists), who gave me details about the next future. The project is already a reality, and after the first day of campaign, the deck is almost funded, breaking an unpleasant…

24 March

NOUVEAU Playing Cards. New editions of ancient and delicate inspiration

    Crowdfunding for playing cards projects on Kickstarter has become a real uncertainty impossible to predict. While a seemingly simple card game collects millions of dollars, playing cards campaigns with a promising design end without reaching the funding goal. That’s the case of Bona Fide Playing Cards, a dynamic and creative group based in Spain devoted to the design of unique and original playing Cards. After trying several times with funding goals each time more accurate to print with USPCC, they have decided (like…

28 December

NOUVEAU Bicycle deck. Old playing cards inspiration with French modernist refinement

  Bona Fide Playing Cards is a young and creative Spain based group devoted to the design of unique and original Playing Cards. After working really hard to have it ready and be able to print it, they have just launched their first creation: NOUVEAU Playing Cards. This deck mixes several inspirations. On the one hand the inspiration comes from the original Rouen designs for the very first French playing cards before spreading around the world. Those cards depicted historical…