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05 March

ORIGINS SHADOWS OF HISTORY Playing Cards. Tradition and history as inspiration of beauty

Rick Davidson is one of the most talented artists I have had the pleasure to meet. His love for traditional playing cards and his ability to create elegant designs inspired by the classic patterns with a modern touch brought us ORIGINS Playing Cards. Now, more than three years later, Rick offers us a sequel with two completely different decks: ORIGINS SHADOWS OF HISTORY. In this campaign Rick releases two decks. The SHADOWS OF HISTORY Edition revisits the original with beautifully updated…

24 March

NOUVEAU Playing Cards. New editions of ancient and delicate inspiration

    Crowdfunding for playing cards projects on Kickstarter has become a real uncertainty impossible to predict. While a seemingly simple card game collects millions of dollars, playing cards campaigns with a promising design end without reaching the funding goal. That’s the case of Bona Fide Playing Cards, a dynamic and creative group based in Spain devoted to the design of unique and original playing Cards. After trying several times with funding goals each time more accurate to print with USPCC, they have decided (like…

28 December

NOUVEAU Bicycle deck. Old playing cards inspiration with French modernist refinement

  Bona Fide Playing Cards is a young and creative Spain based group devoted to the design of unique and original Playing Cards. After working really hard to have it ready and be able to print it, they have just launched their first creation: NOUVEAU Playing Cards. This deck mixes several inspirations. On the one hand the inspiration comes from the original Rouen designs for the very first French playing cards before spreading around the world. Those cards depicted historical…

31 January

Origins deck. The search for the Grail

  This is not the first time I talk about the Origins deck. In fact I’ve already written a couple of articles about it but always before the successful crowdfunding campaign that began a few days ago. The deck is certainly one of the most beautiful created so far, and stays true to the traditional feel but has also a modern and exciting design. A deck created from the historical study and the most exquisite taste that will be printed…

19 December

Origins. Playing cards history and tradition in two modernly designed decks

  Some months ago I talked about The Origins, an impressive deck inspired on ancient playing cards with a modern design.     Over the past year and many hours of work, New Zealand designer and illustrator Rick Davidson has researched and re-imagined the art of 15th and 16th century playing cards to design the Origins.     Exploring the art of museums and archives, and gleaning information from card experts, Rick’s art is inspired by historic cards particularly from…

18 July

Origins deck. Tradition and modernity in cards with great aesthetic force

  Rick Davidson is a designer and illustrator based in New Zealand. He has always had a love for the beautiful detail in card art, an art collection you can carry in your pocket. He has a strong interest on art through the ages and for that reason he has always dreamed about producing a high detail deck using today’s tools and inspired by the ornate original art of history. The dream’s name is the Origins deck.     The…