APOTHECARY by Seasons Playing Cards. Inspired by inspiration

Seasons Playing Cards is already synonymous with beauty, elegance and refinement. Alex Chin has been able to transport us with his designs to a stage full of harmony in its shapes. Now, he offers us something new and exciting: APOTHECARY.

Apothecary is a very special campaign. The creator offers two decks inspired by his own inspiration, details, passion and craftsmanship. Everything is surrounded by a mystical halo with cards that are colorful and sober at the same time, delicate and with a large dose of tradition.

The beauty and elegance of the faces is reinforced with the great visual impact of the back, whose aesthetics are closely related to the rest of the Seasons saga.


Two different editions will be created: the soft red and blue Spring Ponderings and the sweet green and yellow Inverno Insights. In addition, the designer has created two editions called “black label”, with beautiful numbered and signed sleeves that will cover the cool embossed and foiled tuck cases giving them more exclusivity.


purple-sleeve green-sleeve


Furthermore, in order to create added value to the campaign, a story tale will be revealed as the project advances and new chapters will be unlocked to keep the audience alert about its development. An original and very creative idea.

The USPCC will print the cards so the quality is assured. The campaign is almost funded so, if you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!