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13 January

Unique Design Playing Cards. A colorful and Unique Design

  I have to admit Landry Sanders is the creator I have talked about in Max Playing Cards  most determined to get his deck printed. This is the fourth time  (and I am sure it will be the last one) Landry tries to express his art through a deck of cards: Unique Design. Every card in the deck is different, full of color, made with symmetrical shapes. Each suit has also a different color and all the pips and numbers have been redesigned too. This is a four color pips deck,…

29 March

The symmetry and the color in the Unique Designs Bicycle deck

  Almost a year ago, I talked about the Mirrored deck, by Landry Sanders, a colorful deck made with hand-made drawings as symmetrical pieces of art. Unfortunatelly that project wasn’t funded but Landry learned a lot with that experience and he has just released a more mature deck now: Bicycle Unique Designs.     The new design keeps the essence of the original one. Every card in the deck is different, full of color, made with symmetrical shapes. Each suit…

26 July

Mirrored Bicycle deck. The cards behing the mirror

    Landry Sanders used to draw symmetrical pieces of art until he had a cool collection of them. He has decided to convert some of them into a deck of playing cards: Bicycle Mirrored. Those more familiar with the last designs of cards will agree that this is a quite different style to any other. It is original, creative and funny. Landry has also created his own alphabet he will use for index numbers and suits. If funded, 2,500…