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27 June

Galaxy cards 2nd edition. Something more than a reprint

Perhaps you remember previous projects by AlieN InK, Galaxy and Flowers. After a series of vicissitudes, a renewed company eager to work has launched a new project: Galaxy Cards 2nd edition.   This new edition maintains the same concept as its predecessor, but many elements have been redesigned such as the pip set, the layout, pictures and, of course, the back and the tuck case.     Furthermore, there are two finishes of the deck available for backers, paper and…

29 November

Bicycle Flowers deck will bloom on Spring

    AlieN inK team, the creators of the Galaxy deck, are involved in their new project: The Bicycle Flowers deck. Launched through Kickstarter, this deck will be printed by the USPCC on Bicycle stock with magic finish and features four new custom suits of Sunflower, Rose, Lily and Tulip in 52 cards depicting flowers and designed by Chiara Ferrari. This new deck designed for players, magicians and, of course, collectors, will try be funded before December 17th so, if…

19 July

Galaxy deck. Aliens strike back at Kickstarter

Some days ago, the former Galaxy deck project was canceled by the creators to improve and upgrade it. AlieN InK guys strike back at Kickstarter full of energy and illusion with the features of their new Galaxy deck. Creators state that the deck will be made with high quality paper stock from France (comparable to Bee Casino stock). 5000 units designed for both magician (reveal cards, gaff cards, borders,  …) and flourishers (fan and spreads). Classical suit have mutated to…