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25 October

Gods of Mythology Bicycle deck. Gods and godesses wait for printing

  Some months ago I was talking about a Mythological deck created by Marci Brinker. Unfortunately the project didn’t get the funds enough to be printed but Mike Guistolise appreciated the creative talent on this cards and agreed with the creator to print the deck under his new own brand on Collectable playing cards. This way, the Bicycle Gods of Mythology deck has been relaunched with a much lower funding goal. In this deck, the artist have featured characters from four…

02 September

Pharaoh Playing Cards. The mystery of the pyramidal ace

    If you like cards and the Ancient Egypt, this is your deck: Pharaoh. This is another successful project by Mike Guistolise in his new venture: Collectable playing cards, with their other own decks such as Oblivion, Emotions and Haunted as I already talked about.     The designer of the deck, Tatiana Karaman, dedicated her artwork to her family and their love for the Egyptian culture and simbology. The cards are completely customized with characters, symbols and elements…

28 July

Bicycle Haunted, Emotions and Obivlion by Collectable Cards. A new card company joins our game

  Many card and magic fans will know Magic Trick Store, one of the largest magic dealers in the United States established in 2001. Its founder and president, Mike Guistolise, has decided to begin a new adventure inspired by the raising popularity of custom and collectible playing cards. This adventure will have a name, Collectable playing cards, and will stock one of the widest collections available, including some successful decks launched on Kickstarter. Furthermore, they will be the launching platform…

08 May

Received my “Fairy Tale Art” playing cards

Received some decks of the “Fairy Tale Art” playing cards by Pretty nice illustrations by Arthur Arthur Rackham on an interesting deck designed by Ruth Miller. A good deck for any playing cards collector. Basic features are: *  56 Poker Playing Cards with fairy tale illustrations *  Unique full color illustration for each Joker and Face Card *  Fairy tale illustration Tuck Box *  Fairy tale illustration Card Back Thanks to Ruth Miller for her fantastic communication and kindness….