King Of Kings Bicycle Playing Cards. The last work of TPX Designs


Some months after the successfully funded project of the White Allure, the artist  Noel Quiles, from TPX Designs, launches his last creations: King of Kings Bicycle deck.

Red and gold, the royal colors, are the ones used for the design of this interesting deck where the whole set of cards, including pips, numbers and court cards, have been redesigned to fit into the always elegant artwork of TPX.

When funded, the deck will be printed by USPCC on Bicycle stock and Magic Finish. The deck will include 2 gaff cards and a joker and tuck box reveals.

There is also a limited edition of a second tuck box design (on black) and many extra accessories (dice, cases, mini decks, poker chips, …) available as add-ons. A second deck (with another color) is also listed as a stretch goal of the project.

You can go to the project website and get more info and raise your pledge.

NOTE: If you want to receive a SPECIAL GIFT with your rewards, send an email to the creator after raising your pledge over $25 indicating the code “MAXTPX07

Good luck!