PIZZA Playing Cards. The “Passione” for a delicious deck

Passione Playing Cards  has taken us through exciting worlds. From the night mystery of the underworld in Love is a Smoke to the fantasy of Teliad or the disturbing world of Dante in Inferno. Now, they bring us their most fresh and funny proposal: PIZZA.

Perhaps the most popular and preferred among the universal culinary creations, pizza always brings us good memories: fun, family, friends, sharing. Born in Naples (as we know it today), pizza is always a safe bet and my good friend Riccardo Conturbia has been able to capture that joy and carefreeness of the good times in some playing cards full of color and good vibes.



Inspired by the pizza trip around the world, the cards collect all types of characters related to pizza. Delivery boys, cooks, waiters, … a fun cast in the court cards completed with ace-shaped pizzas and jokers with historical and curious facts (including Queen Margherita of Savoy who gave her name to the famous basic pizza).

Two editions have been created with completely different illustrations, backs and tuck cases: the Standard edition and the Delivery Service edition. The artwork has been created by the talented Stefano Protino, who has previously worked with Passione on their Inferno decks.



The originality of the drawings extends to the tuck cases that form complete scenes when putting them together in a concrete way. They have even created a curious display to combine two decks of each edition and build a nice pizzeria.



A special edition of four decks in a cool pizza box case to “take away” has also been created in special tier. That’s really a funny gift.



The decks will be printed by the USPCC using their traditional Bicycle and finishing paper. so the quality is ensured.

An appetizing offer that you can not miss. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!