Plugged Nickel Playing Cards. The skeleton cowboys strike back


Do you remember the Plugged Nickel deck I talked about just a few days ago? I had the opportunity to test a prototype in order to help Matt Drake, the creator, to decide about the printer he wanted to use.

Well, the Plugged Nickel Playing Cards have been released and it will be finally printed by the USPCC under Bicycle brand. The artist has redesigned many aspects of the deck and improved many things according many suggestions received.

Matt has blended the Far West imagery with the death and other elements (skeletons, barbed wire, explosives, …) to make a set of weird and disturbing cards.

There are two editions with different colors: the wanted poster deck, more coloristic (although discreetly colored) and the rusted tin deck, more schematic. The decks have been completely customized: pips, aces, jokers and court cards. By the way, court cards resemble the traditional aspect of the standard deck in terms of pose and shape.

The campaign is running smoothly so let’s help Matt to make it real this time. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!