MECHANIMALS playing cards. The epic and the history of playing cards in a fabulous edition

Celsius Pictor,  experienced illustrator and art director, joins Max Playing Cards in launching a true work of art turned into a deck, deeply rooted in the culture and history of playing cards and in its own language: MECHANIMALS.

For his creations, the artist uses a very thorough mixed technique that combines collage from old 19th-century engravings recovered from flea markets, with ink and digital color in a meticulous work and detailed process like a goldsmith’s. The selection, cut and composition of small pieces give life to a new universe in a recycling and reuse process that respects traditional textures and media, transporting them to the future.

Every aspect of this deck is thought out and illustrated in great detail to create an atmosphere that carries you to a unique historical universe, blending the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution in a bunch of imaginative and surprising characters. Each card features beautifully illustrated characters that honor the heritage and history of European playing cards in a unique and fantastical way.



The court cards take us back to the original history of the French deck of the fifteenth century, and to the classic characters of Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great or Judith, represented here through elegant animals of imposing scenic force.



Everything in the deck has been customized, from the numbered cards and aces, to the jokers, with the same delicate and original technique.



On the back, four warriors distributed around a pond guard the card. Arriving in Europe from Jerusalem under the command of the great Sultan Saladin, these four warriors stand guard in an environment inspired by the medieval Arab art and atmosphere of the ancient kingdom of Al-Andalus.



The campaign offers two editions of this deck to satisfy all tastes and interests. They both contain the same cards and designs, although there are some interesting differences between them.

Despite its affordable price, the Limited Edition is presented in an embossed tuck case with a design reminiscent of a luxurious skyline from the European Middle Ages. The tuck back is an elaborate coat of arms that combines the mechanics and heraldry typical of tradition. And as a surprise in this collectible deck, the inside of the tuck case hides a surprise: an image of the moment in which the first cards were possibly designed, and that can only be seen in its entirety if the case is disassembled. An inaccessible design just as the artisans of the Gothic cathedrals carved figures on the inaccessible roofs to delight only the sight of God.



The DeLuxe Edition is a true collector’s item, housed in a luxurious embossed and blue foiled sleeve. In addition, the cards are also blue gilded to give the set a unique look.



The decks will be printed by Legends Playing Cards Co. on linen paper and their Classic finish, which will guarantee the highest quality standard.

This new production of Max Playing Cards promises to be a success, but for this, the support of all fans of art and playing cards is necessary. If you like it, and I know you will, visit the project website and raise your pledge.