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20 June

BICYCLE EVOLVE Playing Cards. A precise machinery with gold gears

Elite Playing Cards has created over the years playing cards in which luxury and elegance have been highlighted with elaborate designs. On other occasions, their creations have given us a futuristic vision, in a world governed by machines. Now, somehow, both concepts are mixed in their new creation: BICYCLE EVOLVE.     This new deck is inspired by the machinery of the industrial revolution, a new era in which the evolution of man advanced by leaps and bounds. Taking the…

18 September

Bicycle Tinker deck and Rusty decks. Worn and new at the same time

  Taylor Eshelman is Tesh, and he is the creator of a new Steampunk inspired set of playing cards: Bicycle Tinker Deck. The Tinker Deck is a tribute to the Industrial Revolution and some of the key people in history who made it work. It’s a relic of a time long past, a time that still has profound effects in our lives today. It was born out of a love for history and old machinery, and the effects that time have…