Permaculture playing cards. The design of the self-maintained deck


When Paul Wheaton, a bonker about permaculture, was invited to play poker with friends, he knew a deck of card would be the perfect instrument to infect other’s brains with his permaculture obsession.

This is one of the most curious and interesting decks I have seen in the last months: Permaculture Playing Cards.

Designed by Alexander Ojeda, each card contains not only an illustration but also some relevant information about permaculture aspects: people, plants, animals, ideas, techniques…

The result is quite different and interesting and the project is already funded with a lot of days till the end of the campaign so I am sure Paul will infect many brains out there.

I let you some images of the cards. You can get your own permaculture deck in the proyect website and, of course, know more things about this amazing ecological culture.

Good luck!