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06 December

LOTERIA Playing Cards. The most traditional game with the most contemporary design

DNIGMA is a team of young entrepreneurs who love magic and design. Based in the United States and Mexico, they have combined tradition and history from their roots with a modern and striking design. They have teamed up with 1 Simple Idea to create their second deck: LOTERIA. LOTERIA is a very popular table game in Mexico (and not to be confused with the game of chance) dating from the colonial era. It is a game with a mechanic similar…

10 December

INNSMOUTH, THE LOST GAMES. Playing Cards rescued from the imaginary world of Lovecraft

More than four years ago I talked about the Bicycle Cthulhu deck, a deck created by a Spanish group of fans of Lovecraft that decided to found the Cthulhu project to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the death of the writer creating products based on the author and his myths. Since then, the Cthulhu project has not stopped working on new ideas based on the fantastic stories by the mythical writer, especially in board and cards games. Although the very first deck could not be funded,…

04 November

Urban Punk Bicycle Deck. The most Rebel deck in the world

  I usually talk about one deck or even sets of two or more, but in this case I am going to talk about something different. This recent project at KickStarter offers one strategy game deck (Rule Rebel Game) plus one custom poker deck (Bicycle Urban Punk).     Although specially interested on the Bicycle deck, I decided to contact the creators, Sara and Scott, from the Rule Rebel Team to know more about this “dynamic duo”. They have told…