TeaTime Silhouette Playing Cards. Beautiful, romantic and obscure shapes


Fyodor Krasniy is an artist that created a silhouette deck around 3 years ago. He decided to remastering it and launch a new campaign through crowdfunding in Kickstarter: Tea Time Silhouette.

Working on this new deck, Fyodor found the process more and more stimulant and decided to make something more than a simple adaptation. Therefore, he gave the designs a much more textured romantic and dark feel, compared to first deck which was much more austere.



The deck is based on an element the artists handles with mastery: the silhouette. His silhouette works have been in development for years, showing up as prints, 3d cuts, clothing or lamp shades, and they even inspired poems. His original process in designing them involved cutting them out by hand on paper.

There is something really intense and strong on those silhouettes (and something disturbing at the same time), and they have been lined up to tell their own story. From Royals to the number card sets, each set of 4 has its own running theme.



The idea is to print this deck with Make Playing Cards. However, many of the backers would love to see this artwork on a better quality so they are looking to introduce a stretch goal for either LLPC or EPCC.

There is even a second deck already in mind to be released next: The Devils Hand.



The project is almost funded. If you want to see it printed, do not hesitate to visit the project wesite and raise your pledge.

Good luck!