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30 May

PAPERCUTS deck. Paper, blade, patience and… playing cards!

Art Of Play is a solid company founded by Dan&Dave magicians that offers a huge catalog of quality design playing cards. Despite their extensive experience in the market, they have just jumped into the crowdfunding scenario to present us a unique deck: PAPERCUTS. What makes this deck so special is that it does not come from a set of illustrations, as usual. In this deck, each card represents a detailed and meticulous handcrafted work. This work has been done by Suzy…

30 June

TeaTime Silhouette Playing Cards. Beautiful, romantic and obscure shapes

  Fyodor Krasniy is an artist that created a silhouette deck around 3 years ago. He decided to remastering it and launch a new campaign through crowdfunding in Kickstarter: Tea Time Silhouette. Working on this new deck, Fyodor found the process more and more stimulant and decided to make something more than a simple adaptation. Therefore, he gave the designs a much more textured romantic and dark feel, compared to first deck which was much more austere.     The…

07 September

Sawdust deck by Emmanuel Jose. The Greatest Show on Earth

  When you mix a huge talent and papercutting techniques to make transformation playing cards you get incredible decks. That’s the case of Curator and Clipped Wings, the two previous works by Emmanuel Jose. Now, he presents his third creation: SawDust. Sawdust shares the style of its predecessors and it is inspired by the Circus world. Like the artist made in his previous decks, each card has been created during each week of a year (2013). The scenes depicted in…

20 March

Clipped Wings deck. Papercutting cards. Interview to Emmanuel Jose

  Emmanuel Jose is one of the most talented playing cards designer I have known. That’s not only because he designs transformation decks with a really original concept, but also because he uses a technique that distinguish him form the rest of artists: the papercutting. After his very first work, Curator, a true success produced by The House of Playing Cards, Emmanuel has launched his second deck (and his first solo project): Clipped Wings.     I have had the…