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07 August

Amontillado Playing Cards. Limited transformation deck inspired by Poe’s terror

While everyone in Spain knows the Amontillado, as an Andalusian wine, something between Fino and Oloroso, many people out there know it through the story by the great Edgar Allan Poe “The Cask of Amontillado”. Inspired by that dark and gloomy story, it comes to us the AMONTILLADO deck. This is the latest creation of no-reply design that, with their Royal Dinosaur and Songs Of Experience decks, have become creators of ultra limited editions with original designs with a strong artistic inspiration….

25 February

Wine deck by AlienInk. From the vineyard to your playing table. Printed by Pr1me

  After other galactic and flowery campaigns, Alien Ink launches a new deck inspired by something more earthy and delicious: wine. The Wine deck blends the elegance of the lines in the card back with interesting characters related to the delicious ambrosia drawn in the court cards. The design of the aces is perhaps one of the strengths of these cards, which also has a customized pips creating a deck full of heady inspiration. The deck, if funded, will be…