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03 September

METROPOL NOX and LUX 2017. The traditional minimalism with shiny finish

In the last months, playing cards creation has experienced a strong explosion of minimalist and geometric designs specially oriented to cardistry fans. However these designs are not new and we can find pretty good referents that can be considered the origins of this type of decks. One of the most obvious cases is the Metropol Playing Cards, created by Mike Lambert (Metropol Cards) and whose first NOX edition was launched in 2013, followed by the LUX edition in 2104. Three years…

09 August

Metropol LUX Playing Cards. New editions of the minimalist deck

  Last year, Mike Lambert (Metropol Cards) released the Metropol NOX deck, a minimalist and modern deck with a cool mix of color and a black background. After the success of this deck, Mike has released his new deck: Metropol LUX. Metropol LUX repeats the design of its predecessor with new and interesting color changes. Although this deck is clearly conceived for cardists, everyone will enjoy this new version because there will be three different editions: the Classic one, with a colorist…

18 November

Metropol NOX deck. Fluorescent and LUXurious minimalism

  If you want to see something different, come and have a look to this deck: Metropol Nox. Mike Lamber designed this deck trying to give the poker cards a twist of modernity and minimalism. He states that this deck will appeal to all the cardistry community, players, magicians and collectors.     The deck will be printed by the USPCC in Bicycle stock. Each suit has a different fluorescent color and the contrast with the black background is maximum….