ARCADIA SIGNATURE cards. A bucolic imaginary world of artistic beauty

With an interesting combination of elegance and delicacy, Arcadia Playing Cards designs have offered us beautiful custom decks. The new campaign has a special meaning: ARCADIA SIGNATURE.

The new deck is inspired by the idea behind the name of Arcadia, a region of ancient Greece that over time, and thanks to the artistic expressions of poets, sculptors and painters, became, along the Renaissance and Romanticism, an idyllic imaginary place marked by the peace and happiness of its inhabitants and their connection with nature.



This mythological and poetic inspiration joins magic as one of the references in the illustrations where the traditional scheme has been respected to the maximum without rejecting an original customization. This balance makes such customization go unnoticed at a first glance but becomes much more evident when a more careful observation. In this way, the cards are perfect for card magic and games but they will also be liked by collectors.



Two editions with color changes in green and brown have been created. The backs show a sunset over the mountains flanked by columns with statues of the god Pan. This same god who represents the shepherding, decorates the jokers and the natural sights with mountains and a starry sky also appear in the ace of spades.



The tuck cases, manufactured by Gambler’s Warehouse, will have embossing and different foils for each deck.



The cards will be printed by the USPCC with its highest quality casino paper and metallic inks. 75 decks of each color will also be gilded in a numbered edition. In addition, as a stretch goal, a white deck with gold accents limited edition has been proposed.



If you like elegance without sacrificing classical beauty, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!