15 November

Ultimate Universe Playing Cards. Oriental tradition and mythology reinterpreted with digital 2D images


Would you like to see something cool and different, something funny and strong? Then you need to have a look to the last production by  Gambler’s Warehouse: the Ultimate Universe decks.

Ultimate Universe is the work of Junichi Tsuneoka, a talented and experienced designer with a very personal style that blends a visual and conceptual fusion of Japanese pop culture and U.S. urban culture.

This deck is a conceptual expansion on the four symbols of Oriental mythology, a reinterpretation of something classic and deeply cultural and traditional using pixelated 2D computer graphics with strong color and greyscale patterns that leaves no one indifferent.



There will be two different versions of the deck: the Colored Edition and the Grayscale Edition. No need to explain too much about the decks as the first one will be full of color and the second will have a more elegant schema in black and white.

Prices for the decks are quite fair so if you enjoy the images, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!



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