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12 June

Royal Optik by Uusi. New red deck. Just a few days left

The fantastic Uusi project, Royal Optik, is almost finishing. Funded in a record time, this deck will be printed soon. Furthermore, as they promised, there will be also a red version of this stunning deck. Let me show it and also the full set of court cards. Don’t miss this opportunity as it can be the last one to get these fantastic limited decks. Do and pledge for it in the project website. Good luck!  

16 May

Royal Optik. The new piece of art from Uusi

  As I told you some weeks ago, Uusi has prepared their new piece of art: Royal Optik. No need to say it will be a stunning deck, like Peter and Linnea’s previous creations: Blue Blood and Bohemia. Uusi’s inspiration for this deck came from their love of wood cut prints and a curiosity they have in geometric, eye-bending Op Art imagery. Both use negative space to create volume and movement but differ greatly in how they express it. They…