Deckstarter: the new meeting point of artists and card fans. Style and quality


If you read Max Playing Cards you will know what crowdfunding is and how it works with playing cards. Most of the recent custom playing cards projects depicted in this website have been launched through Kickstarter, a platform dedicated to any kind of project where playing cards design has found a place to grow.

Good news for playing cards fans and creators! Deckstarter, a new crowdfunding and production website only for playing cards has been launched. A group of experienced guys have joined their knowledge and illusion to build something new and different: Dan and Dave, well-known magicians and producers of a popular line of custom decks, Andrew Gibbs, father of Dieline, the largest packaging design blog on the web, and Alejandro Portela, iPhone Apps creator and marketing expert.

What makes Deckstarter different from other platforms? On the one side, there are websites (mainly playing cards companies and shops) that invite creators to send their designs. Then, if the idea fits the company’s taste, they produce the deck and pay the creator. On the other side, there are crowdfunding platforms that help creators to get funds for their projects, but these platforms only provide the logistics to pick up the money, and creators have to arrange everything in the production process (communication with the printer, production, marketing, distribution). Deckstarter blends both ideas. The artist sends the design, and if the idea is good enough according Deckstarter quality and design parameters, the deck is published for crowdfunding. If it gets funds, then Deckstarter takes over the whole production, marketing and distribution processes, freeing creator from such a headache.



This is what Dan Buck said about Deckstarter summarizing their idea:

“It is our mission to create a marketplace for luxury playing cards through collaborations with elite brands, famous artists and indie designers. We offer years of experience printing cards and promise the highest level of quality. Merging exceptional design, innovative packaging, and a brilliant marketing team, we can ensure our playing cards will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen and handled before.”


The platform is on and there are already two decks on the funding process (although they are promotional and already printed): “Thick Lines” by Aaron Draplin and “Poetic Typography” by Debbie Millman. As they are promotional decks for this new platform, both decks are already printed and available so they will be delivered as soon as they are funded.

As an amazing extra, each deck of playing cards comes packaged inside a Magicpak™, a magical case for the cards that animates open and closed, designed and engineered exclusively for DeckStarter playing cards.

Enjoy a big gallery of the decks available by now and if you like them, make your pledge as the units are quite limited.

Good luck!