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06 September

Still don’t know CARDLAUNCHER? I can’t believe!

  Just a few days ago, CardLauncher, the new Playing Cards crowdfunding platform, was launched. Cardlauncher has been founded by Mike Ratledge and a group of people “Passionate about playing cards” in order to give the creators a new alternative to produce their decks and the community a new crowdfunding place specialized in Playing Cards. I talked about CL in detail some weeks ago. For the grand opening, a great marketing strategy, many giveaways and four fantastic campaigns have been offered…

07 July

Card Launcher. A new place for card design and crowdfunded production

  Crowdfunding has become almost the perfect (sometimes the only) way for creators to make their deck of cards. This funding model has worked really well along last years and Kickstarter has become a reference for crowdfunding and playing cards projects. Nevertheless, Kickstarter has shown its dark side. Funded projects unfulfilled, terrible delays, and a lack of connection between the funding and the production processes have driven some projects and many backers to the desperation. Within this scenario, other crowdfunding…

29 May

Deckstarter: the new meeting point of artists and card fans. Style and quality

  If you read Max Playing Cards you will know what crowdfunding is and how it works with playing cards. Most of the recent custom playing cards projects depicted in this website have been launched through Kickstarter, a platform dedicated to any kind of project where playing cards design has found a place to grow. Good news for playing cards fans and creators! Deckstarter, a new crowdfunding and production website only for playing cards has been launched. A group of…

26 February

First annual insight into crowdfunding for playing cards. Part 2. Present and future

  Perhaps you remember the first part of the annual insight into crowdfunding for playing cards, the result of the collaboration between Max Playing Cards and Kardify. Well, in the second part we have made a “virtual meeting” with some creators in order to catch their points of view about present and future of crowdfunding in playing cards. As we couldn’t have a real meeting, we have tried to mix all opinions and link them in a conversation style. I’d…

02 January

First annual insight into crowdfunding for playing cards. Part 1

  Kardify is a fantastic friend website dedicated to spread the voice about playing cards and creators. Ivan, the man behind Kardify, contacted me to collaborate in the first annual insight into crowd-funding as a platform for funding playing card projects and I thought it was a great idea. He already made an interesting analytics post for KS projects on 2013. We have been working on it and he has published the first (of three) articles. You can visit Kardify…