FIENDS OF FOLKLORE Playing Cards. From the table to the deck

Sometimes the inspiration for playing cards comes from other table or card games. This is the case of Fiends of Folklore Playing Cards.

Ghastly Games is a small company dedicated to the creation of table games with a macabre touch. After several successful campaigns with their Ghost Hunter series, Fiends of Folklore has been conceived as a poker deck inspired by the series which collects the most traditional creatures: monsters, witches, vampires and spirits.



The project uses an interesting design model based on community input through a Facebook group. Thus, although the general lines have been exposed in the campaign, it will be the backers who will decide about the final product with their votes and comments.



The illustrations made by Augustinas Raginskis and used in the Ghost Hunter projects will be the basis of the card designs. The printer will be the same as the one that created their previous games and there are many stretch goals that include the improvement of the cards and the tuck-case.

If you like the idea, show your support by raising your pledge in the project website.

Good luck!