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25 January

FIENDS OF FOLKLORE Playing Cards. From the table to the deck

Sometimes the inspiration for playing cards comes from other table or card games. This is the case of Fiends of Folklore Playing Cards. Ghastly Games is a small company dedicated to the creation of table games with a macabre touch. After several successful campaigns with their Ghost Hunter series, Fiends of Folklore has been conceived as a poker deck inspired by the series which collects the most traditional creatures: monsters, witches, vampires and spirits.     The project uses an…

11 September

HorROAR! Playing Cards. A terrifying deck with a terribly true story

I could start this article as I start most, talking about a new release and its inspiration, but you’re going to let me tell you a story. This is not just a story of a new deck. It is a story of struggle, courage and overcome and I feel fortunate to be able to share it with you. Over a year ago, Justin Hussain (Ace Collectable Cards), a young man full of talent, sent me his first sketches for a…

05 October

Bicycle Eerie Playing Cards. Dark and classic terror

  If I ask you for naming a group of classic monsters and evil characters in your cultural context, I am sure you will be thinking about the same as me: the wolfman, the witch, the vampire, the mummy,  … All of them have found a deck of cards to rest along the eternity: Bicycle Eerie.     Produced by Gambler’s Warehouse, the Bicycle Eerie deck is a fully customized set of cards depicting classic evil beings you will recognize…

02 April

Bicycle Killer Clowns deck. These clowns aren’t at all funny

  Among all the scary things, one of the most terrifying is the evil clowns. The latest creation from Collectable playing cards is precisely set in this disturbing ideas: Bicycle Killer Clowns deck. The Bicycle branded deck will be printed by the USPCC and will depict 12 crazy and demonic clowns with a terrifying aspect. Court cards, pips, aces, jokers… everything has been customized to create a deck full of bloody terror. If after having a look to the gallery you…