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05 February

BICYCLE MONSTER Playing Cards. Monsters are not so terrifying

Since his fisrt own crowdfunding project in mid-2017, Will Roya ( has not stopped offering us a wide variety of designs collaborating with all kind of style artists from around the world. His new deck  is BICYCLE MONSTER. Designed by the American artist Joe M. Ruiz (studio Urge), the illustrations are inspired by traditional monsters but from a funny vision and a fairly mature comic style.     Each one of the suits represents a group of monsters, from the aquatics…

25 January

FIENDS OF FOLKLORE Playing Cards. From the table to the deck

Sometimes the inspiration for playing cards comes from other table or card games. This is the case of Fiends of Folklore Playing Cards. Ghastly Games is a small company dedicated to the creation of table games with a macabre touch. After several successful campaigns with their Ghost Hunter series, Fiends of Folklore has been conceived as a poker deck inspired by the series which collects the most traditional creatures: monsters, witches, vampires and spirits.     The project uses an…

05 October

Bicycle Eerie Playing Cards. Dark and classic terror

  If I ask you for naming a group of classic monsters and evil characters in your cultural context, I am sure you will be thinking about the same as me: the wolfman, the witch, the vampire, the mummy,  … All of them have found a deck of cards to rest along the eternity: Bicycle Eerie.     Produced by Gambler’s Warehouse, the Bicycle Eerie deck is a fully customized set of cards depicting classic evil beings you will recognize…

08 June

Bicycle Classic Monsters. The classic terror characters all together

  Steven Guisto is an entrepreneur who has decided to create his own playing cards company. He has created Classics Playing Cards, and he has a fantastic mentor, Mike Guistolise, the man behind Collectable Playing Cards and some other great companies dedicated to magic. For this new venture, Steven has launched the very first campaign in Kickstarter: Bicycle Classic Monsters.     The deck is inspired on the horror classics, and the design is dark and disturbing. The court cards…

23 February

Monster Montage Bicycle deck. The classic horror films remastered on playing cards

  I have known Scott Carey for a long time as he is the responsible of, a fantastic friend website dedicated to spread the voice about  playing cards. Nevertheless, I am not going to talk just about him and his website, but about his new venture on playing cards: Monster Montage Bicycle deck.     This deck, inspired of vintage horror films, has been designed by Carlos Bercini that has made a great job reinterpreting the classic monsters to…

17 October

The League of Monsters Bicycle deck. Hand-painted from canvas to cards

  Cevin R. Cox and his wife are a happy couple of artists and parents. They have spent a lot of time creating a deck of cards, but they have not used any computer software but just their painting art on some 24×36″ canvases. The result is the Bicycle League of Monsters deck. Monsters, mummies, vampires, … all are present in the court cards jokers and aces of this deck with a completely customized artwork and pips. The offer is…