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COTTA’s ALMANAC #2 Playing Cards. The second in a high-quality historical restoration series

A few months ago Will Roya ( offered us the first in a series of transformation decks. Now, and with overwhelming success, he has just released the second one: COTTA’S ALMANAC #2. This project stems from painstaking research on transformation cards and their origins coupled with Will’s interest in rescuing cards from the past in high-quality […]


BICYCLE ASTRONAUT Playing Cards. The queens and kings of space

The unstoppable growth of creations by Will Roya ( offers a new direct release through its website to space and playing card fans : BICYCLE ASTRONAUT. A new collaboration with Juniardi Satyanagara, the Bicycle Astronaut deck captures the essence of space travel. In the court cards, realistic illustrations of queens and jacks from space are depicted while […]


BICYCLE BEEKEEPER Playing Cards. When the red turns yellow

Will Roya ( has created his own style of custom playing cards after working on several projects with artist Artur Rajch. Now, he has released his new BICYCLE BEEKEEPER. Although there is anything that says this belong to a series, this deck recalls Bicycle Ladybug. Also inspired by the world of insects, the traditional colors have […]


TESTAMENT CLASSIC Playing Cards. A Biblical-inspired deck

In addition to its obvious religious significance, The Bible is an exciting tale, translated into several thousand languages, of which millions of copies have been made throughout history. Its characters have become immortal thanks to the pictorial and sculptural works of art by countless renowned artists. Ben Green pays tribute to this huge source of […]


COTTA’s ALMANAC # 1 Playing Cards. The first reproduction of a series of historical transformation decks

Throughout history, transformation decks have been very special collectibles. They represent a further step in custom playing cards converting each card’s pips into the true protagonists in the design. Will Roya ( wanted to rescue one of the most important historical contributions to the transformation decks: COTTA’S ALMANAC #1. This project stems from painstaking research on […]


ROCK & ROLL BICYCLE Playing Cards. A deck with a lot of rhythm

Will Roya ( has already become one of the most prolific entrepreneurs in the own playing cards production. Joint to his series of  vintage decks reproductions, he also collaborates with artists from around the world to offer a wide  catalog of design playing cards. Although he usually uses crowdfunding for his projects, this time he has […]


ECLIPSE COMIC Playing Cards. The reproduction of the first transformation deck printed in the USA

Continuing with the reproductions of old decks that have already made him very popular, Will Roya ( has just launched a new one: ECLIPSE COMIC. Originally printed in 1876 by F. H. Lowere, it is considered the first transformation deck printed in the United States and the first, of this type of deck, to include a […]


CIRCUS REPRODUCTION Playing Cards. A big show of the late nineteenth century

Along last months, Will Roya ( has produced a good amount of vintage decks reproductions. Although most of them have been offered them through collective financing, the last one has put it directly for sale through its website: CIRCUS REPRODUCTION. The deck has been completely recreated from scratch from the original in 1896, the Circus No […]


5th KINGDOM cards. The meeting point of the warriors from all places and all ages

After offering several interesting reproductions of mythical decks from the past, Will Roya ( strikes back in another collaboration with artists around the globe to offer us a completely customized deck with a legendary inspiration: 5TH KINGDOM. 5th Kingdom combines the most ancient history and culture with the fantasy of imaginary kingdoms involved in battles without […]