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24 March

GUNS, JAZZ & WHISKEY Playing Cards. Those Rouring Twenties

Among all the decades in the 20th century, the twenties in the United States have always been an inexhaustible source of artistic inspiration. This decade began with a huge economic growth after the First World War and ended with one of the largest recessions in the country’s history. The movement of money, the prohibition and the migration of jazz musicians from Nueva Orleans created an interesting atmosphere in New York where the mafia, illegal alcohol and music blended in dangerous…

29 June

MADE deck. Don’t play with them or you will get into trouble

  Scott King has brought us many cool decks of cards. After Gentlemen 52 and the successful campaign of Viking decks, a new theme, a new design and some more new decks captivate our senses: MADE. The style of the decks and the maturity of the campaigns created by Crooked Kings have evolved considerably. This is how Scott remember his first project: Gentlemen52: Gentlemen 52 was really a learning experience for us. My business partner, Jeff and I, didn’t really know…