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10 October

AVANT-GARDE Playing Cards. Art-Deco and Art-Nouveau join in the UC 2017 deck

Experimental, radical, unorthodox… That’s how the vanguard is defined, something quite related to a team of good friends, the Edgy Brothers, that have just released their latest creation: AVANT-GARDE. But talking about friends, Avant-Garde is not only a creation of this nice people, but it is also the deck chosen by another group of awesome friends, United Cardists, as the 2017 Fifth Annual Deck. Remember United Cardists is a wisdom reference in the playing cards world that have already released four official decks: Bicycle…

08 February

SELECT Playing Cards by Edgy Brothers. New look with artistic inspiration

Just a few days I talked about the latest campaign of my dear friends the Edgy brothers. They wanted to make some changes in the project and have relaunched with a new name and a new twist: SELECT Playing Cards.     The idea of ??the original project remains in this deck with a more classical style, but completely customized. With a design that reminds the traditional cards, which reinforces its playability, Select is inspired in the most ornate artistic expressions such…

24 October

BICYCLE GENTLEMAN Playing Cards. Two elegant decks inspired by the Art Deco

Blackout Brother is already a well-known artist behind interesting designs with a very personal style. The latest of his creations produced by Gambler’s Warehouse is BICYCLE GENTLEMAN. Inspired by the Art-Deco, the designs have the delicacy and elegance of the artistic movement with a modern twist and an interesting customization with striking details in the numbered and court cards that represent characters with “vintage” customes of those crazy 20s and 30s.     Two editions with different and attractive color combinations have…

16 February

Moderne Art Deco Playing Cards. The beauty of the geometric simplicity

  Randy Coffey is a graphic designer and illustrator that has just launched a nice deck: Moderne Art Deco. The deck is inspired by the Art Deco style, where simple geometric shapes are used to create proportionally perfect figures. This way, the designs has been made from a group of basic shapes, creating an interesting set of customized playing cards. The artist has also tried to keep the traditional elements of the court cards, their poses and classic objects.    …

27 June

DECO: the new creation by Encarded. Interview to Paul Carpenter

  Paul Carpenter (Encarded) plans to release soon his next creation: DECO As I did when Tendril and Aurum were released, I have had the chance to interview him in order to know something more about this new deck. I hope you enjoy it.   Max – Hello Paul, thanks for answering once more some questions for Max Playing Cards’ readers about your new deck DECO. Paul Carpenter – It is my pleasure, Max. Max – Where the inspiration for…