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COTTA’s ALMANAC # 1 Playing Cards. The first reproduction of a series of historical transformation decks

Throughout history, transformation decks have been very special collectibles. They represent a further step in custom playing cards converting each card’s pips into the true protagonists in the design. Will Roya (PlayingCardsDecks.com) wanted to rescue one of the most important historical contributions to the transformation decks: COTTA’S ALMANAC #1. This project stems from painstaking research on […]

GUNS, JAZZ & WHISKEY Playing Cards. Those Rouring Twenties

Among all the decades in the 20th century, the twenties in the United States have always been an inexhaustible source of artistic inspiration. This decade began with a huge economic growth after the First World War and ended with one of the largest recessions in the country’s history. The movement of money, the prohibition and […]

WARRIOR WOMEN Playing Cards. Warring female power

A young and passionate trio of friends joint in Headless Kings to offer us entertainment products with interesting stories… the perfect setting for a new deck: WARRIOR WOMEN. In a long and complex process in which civilized society begins to give women their rightful place, this deck pays tribute to women who, throughout history, knew […]

ARCADIA SIGNATURE cards. A bucolic imaginary world of artistic beauty

With an interesting combination of elegance and delicacy, Arcadia Playing Cards designs have offered us beautiful custom decks. The new campaign has a special meaning: ARCADIA SIGNATURE. The new deck is inspired by the idea behind the name of Arcadia, a region of ancient Greece that over time, and thanks to the artistic expressions of poets, […]

ROCK & ROLL BICYCLE Playing Cards. A deck with a lot of rhythm

Will Roya (PlayingCardsDecks.com) has already become one of the most prolific entrepreneurs in the own playing cards production. Joint to his series of  vintage decks reproductions, he also collaborates with artists from around the world to offer a wide  catalog of design playing cards. Although he usually uses crowdfunding for his projects, this time he has […]