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ACKERMAN BARLETT 1818 Transformation Playing Cards. A historical metamorphosis that captivates the senses

Over the last few years we have witnessed an interesting series of reproductions of old decks, the result of the collaboration between Will Roya (PlayingCardsDecks.com) and Azured-Ox. Now, they offer us a new release that will not disappoint anyone: ACKERMAN BARLETT 1818. In 1833, Caleb Barlett published in New York what is considered the first transformation […]

BIONIC BLOSSOM Playing Cards: A cosmic journey through time and space

Crop circles have captivated the imagination of humanity, leaving us pondering their origins—deception or evidence of celestial visitors? This cultural phenomenon has intrigued scientists, mystics, and ufologists alike, with interpretations ranging from ancient forces to extraterrestrial contact. Now, a collaboration between renowned artist Milan Colovic, creator of the Asylum deck, and Max Playing Cards, invites […]

STEAMPUNK Playing Cards. A story of dark and mechanical fantasy

Gary Ljamin (Gamble Art) always offers us decks with suggestive designs. He just launched his latest campaign: STEAMPUNK. This deck is inspired by Steampunk, an artistic genre (literary in origin) that combines elements of the past with a futuristic imagination, creating a unique visual and aesthetic universe.     The characters of the court cards […]

ABBOTS Playing Cards. Robots take over

3rd dominion is closely linked to futuristic cards with very special cases and original ideas. We are now witnessing their latest release: ABBOTS. Abbots is inspired by the story of a world where robots, coexisting with humans, unlock a secret code that gives them access to powerful technology. As in their previous creations, the entire […]