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03 August

Visions of Class Strife. Two new Steampunk themed Bicycle decks

    Here we have a new Steampunk themed deck of cards. Two decks in fact. Keith E. Weber II and Cara Jones already launched this project some months ago but didn’t reach the funding goal. After studying the suggestions of the community, they have worked hard on the relaunch. They have completely redefined the project and their proposal is something new and fresh that will fit the audience’s expectations. Two different decks with two different points of view of…

30 June

Alice OF Wonderland. Alicia has grown up and she is steampunky.

    This is one of those times where having a look to the artwork, I don’t need to see the deck to know it will be stunning. The talented artist Juan Solorzano, a true fan of Alice in Wonderland, has decided to release his first deck of cards based on his own vision of the classic Carroll’s  tale: Alice of Wonderland. Inside Juan’s imagination, Alice has grown up in the late 1800’s Victorian Era, when her own tale was…

04 June

Two eternal rivals: Elves & Orcs Bicycle Playing Cards

  Nat Iwata, the creator of the Steampunk Cthulhu Bicycle deck, has launched his new deck: Elves & Orcs.     Elves & Orcs is a Bicycle branded deck, completely customized and in designing progress along the campaign is fulfilling the funding goal.     The deck will be printed by USPCC on Bicycle stock and Air Cushion Finish and the design is simply stunning as you can check in the images attached.     Visit the project website for…

27 February

Steampunk Cthulhu Bicycle Playing Cards. Two in one

    This is not the very first time I talk about a deck based on the Steampunk cultural movement or about a deck based on Lovecraft world, but this is the first deck I talk about based on both: The Steampunk Cthulhu Bicycle deck.     Nat Iwata, the author, has improved the design including a stunning Bicycle tuck box, so enjoy the images and pledge for this amazing deck that will be printed, if funded, by USPCC. It…

30 November

New Bicycle Amazing Adventurers deck. Steampunk comic style

  We have seen recently some new decks inspired on the Steampunk cultural movement. Cards in this new deck, Bicycle Amazing Adventurers, bring us an interesting design of adventure comic characters printed by USPCC on Bicycle stock. The deck created by Tasty Ministrel Games (TMC) has already got its funding goal through Kickstarter so it will become a reality in some months. Nevertheless, if the creators get more funds, he will be able to improve the final deck. To raise…