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TRICKS Playing Cards. An elegant poker night

The creative mind of Gary Ljamin (Gamble Art) brought us the futuristic fantasy of Cybernude last year. He has just launched his new campaign: TRICKS. Tricks is an elegant deck, with a casual design on the cards and a luxurious finish on the case. The court cards represent a racial spectrum of beautiful women ready […]

KALEIDOSKOPE Playing Cards. A colorful animated fantasy

The master of animated decks, Stephen W. Brandt (Swabbed Decks) has just released his latest creation: KALEIDOSCOPE. Unlike his previous creations in which the inspiration came from culture, architecture or entertainment, this deck is straight and simple and brings us back to the beautiful memory of childhood looking through those artifacts made with mirrors and filled […]

BICYCLE BALLOON JUNGLE Playing Cards. Grab these animals firmly or they will fly away

I bring you today a colorful new direct release by Will Roya (PlayingCardsDecks.com), illustrated by Juniardi Satyanagara: BICYCLE BALLOON JUNGLE. This fun proposal finds its originality in the use of balloons as a decorative element to create a whole fantasy of jungle animals and vegetation to illustrate the cards in a completely custom deck. The aces […]

The latest releases by Collectable Playing Cards. Gnomes, vegetables and a bright blue planet

The prolific Collectable Playing Cards is going to offer several releases this year with a new strategy. The decks will be produced and offered for pre-sale or sale exclusively through its official website at least 30 days before making them available to any wholesaler or store. CPC will be producing new decks and limited reprints […]

New Royal Playing Cards. A delicate restoration of historical, astronomical and geographical didactics

Rescuing cards from the past is a magnificent work of dissemination and love for collecting. After finishing the Cotta’s Almanac series, Will Roya (PlayingCardsDecks.com) begins a new adventure of restoration of historical playing cards: NEW ROYAL. NEW ROYAL are inspired by those originally published in 1927-28 by Charles Hodges, a London bookseller who made engraved playing […]

BICYCLE JOLLY ROGER Playing Cards. The most feared bones in the ocean

Two crossbones and a skull on a black background, one of the most recognizable symbols for all of us was, originally, the one that caused terror in the seven seas. That’s the inspiration for the new release by Will Roya (PlayingCardsDecks.com), illustrated by Juniardi Satyanagara, called BICYCLE JOLLY ROGER. The cards use all the best known […]