OPULENT Playing Cards. A luxury available to everyone

George Williamson, card collector and magician wanted to create a luxury deck of playing cards and relied on the artist Jennifer Bennett to create OPULENT Playing Cards.

Trying to make something different but also recognizable, the deck reminds the traditional cards but depicts completely new redesigned faces. This way, cards are good for games and magic but keeps their own personality.



To give the deck a more luxurious aspect, a dark blue has been chosen for the background, using a golden color to create all the lines and strokes for the designs. Intricate patterns decorate everything and frame the card faces too.



Different revelations for magic tricks are present in tuck case and jokers.



The back of the card is really nice and inspired by the ceiling in St Aubin’s Cathedral, the only cathedral in Belgium in the Late Baroque style.



A limited print-run of 1000 decks will be made by the USPCC, so quality is assured.

If you like what you see, do not hesitate to visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!