GEMMES Playing Cards. The last jewel of the NOUVEAU series

Karin Yan (Bona Fide Playing Cards) has already established herself as a leading artist in the design of contemporary cards. After her recent work in Dumas’ decks, she has decided to close the Nouveau series that began two years ago with her latest deck NOUVEAU GEMMES.



Nouveau Gemmes is, therefore, the last deck of the series and the third one dedicated to Art Nouveau jewelry (after Bijoux and Perle editions). Thus, this deck keeps the essence of the originals, inspired by the original Rouen designs for the very first French playing cards and their historical and mythological characters, as well as  the intricate designs based in the natural shapes for the Art Nouveau jewelry.



The most important changes made in this edition are the color scheme, with reddish tones, a much more elaborate back and clearer indexes to make easier the playability of the deck.



But what has undoubtedly been the great success of this edition is its limited run of 500 units printed by the EPCC. In fact, you may feel some frustration knowing that the decks have been completely sold out in a few hours.



However, the project is about to launch the final limited decks of the series, perhaps the last opportunity to get these beauties. So, tomorrow, there will be available three limited decks, only 30 per edition, of the Bijoux, Perle and Gemmes editions. The cases of these limited editions will be created by purely handcrafting procedures with three-dimensional embossing and handmade gilding in gold, silver and copper. They will be offered in two different presentations throughout the remainder of the campaign and Max Playing Cards is showing you in exclusive the very first render just taken out of the oven.



Visit the project website and pay attention to the updates because they will undoubtedly be a success and will be sold out really fast.

Good luck!