Mighty Super Heroes Playing Cards. Minimalist superheroes meet in a new deck


So far we have seen decks inspired by all sorts of topics, including the world of comic books and superheroes. We have also seen a proliferation of minimalist designs in playing cards. What we have not seen till now is a deck of superheroes with minimalist designs. This is exactly what we can find in Mighty Super Heroes Playing Cards.

Mighty Super Heroes is not an isolated deck, but the first in a series called SMArt created by Two Geeks Gaming. All the decks in this series will be themed and will have a common element: the minimalist design.

The inspiration for this deck comes from the classic superheroes (and super-villains), that are easily recognizable even with their simple and schematic designs. These superheroes are depicted in court cards and aces while the numbered cards won’t follow the classic pattern and will contain art elements related to the previous characters.

This first proposal, designed by Steven Fields, will be printed by Legends Playing Cards in a limited print run according the funding reached in the project. Furthermore, 100 decks of a Limited Edition will be printed. This Limited Edition will use the well-known high gloss technology used by MPC in their Impressions project.

If the project gets funding enough, a second campaign of a set of superheroes cards with different designs will be released after this one. In that case, there will be a series inside a series.

If you like the designs, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!