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Stock Market: The new playing cards auction place by PipSqueek

  PipSqueek, the Internet place with info about playing cards universe, plans to offer a new and exciting tool for playing cards fans Playing cards market has become a little bit crazy, agressive and expanding as so had trading and selling just so people can buy decks. This makes some people sometimes buy just to […]

MaxPlayingCards on Facebook

  Although registered long time ago, I have decided to start posting on Max Playing Cards Facebook page. While I add more contents there, you can follow my posts on Facebook too (apart from maxplayingcards.com and Twitter). You can see the Facebook logo up right in this page for a direct link. Please, press “Like” […]

Chromatic deck. Color and design explosion

  I found this wonderful deck surfing the Internet and I couldn’t resist sharing it with my small but selected group of followers. This is the Chromatic deck . A colorful and amazing deck of cards that will delight fans of fans.     I had the opportunity to speak with its creator, Lily Andrea […]

Galaxy deck. Aliens strike back at Kickstarter

Some days ago, the former Galaxy deck project was canceled by the creators to improve and upgrade it. AlieN InK guys strike back at Kickstarter full of energy and illusion with the features of their new Galaxy deck. Creators state that the deck will be made with high quality paper stock from France (comparable to […]