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Core deck. Minimalist design

Following Kickstarter‘s playing cards proyects, let’s see the new Core deck, by Timothy Niou. A minimalist and elegant design in a custom deck. If funded, 5000 decks will will be printed by USPCC. More info in the project page. ¡Good luck! Timothy Niou

Hornet deck reedition (1905-1915)

2012, July will be the moment for a new re-edition of the classic Hornet deck., printed in 1905 and redesigned in 1915. A limited edition of 2500 decks will be printed by USPCC in Aristocrat Casino Stock -Cambric Finish- Q1. Another collector items such as limited decks, custom bricks or uncuts will be sold too. […]

Received the Mechanic deck. A very “animated” deck

I have received the Mechanic Deck, an interesting deck of cards specially designed for magicians. Designed by Mechanic Industries and produced by the United States Playing Card Company in association with HOPC to the highest possible quality. Main features for this deck are: Bee Poker Casino Stock Magicians Finish Mechanic animation backs Grunge style spot […]

ULTRAVIOLET deck… strikes back!

Some days ago, in a post entitled KickStarter and Playing Cards: historical summary, I mentioned the ULTRAVIOLET deck project, by beta17. Unfortunately, the project finnished unfunded but Beta17 staff decided to try it again, this time with better options for backers.     ULTRAVIOLET is a deck printed by USPCC, to the highest specifications,  air […]