BICYCLE LUXURY KEYS. The key to a different card magic

Magic and playing cards are inextricably linked, but there are not so many magicians who show the courage to create their own deck and thus get out of that traditional and erroneous idea that custom playing cards are not good for card magic. Since I created Max Playing Cards I have pursued this complicated goal and today I bring you something very special to me: BICYCLE LUXURY KEYS.

Bicycle Luxury Keys is the result of the passion for playing cards of a Spanish magician, Juan José Almendros, who has combined his love for card magic with his knowledge of graphic design. From the collaboration between Magic Almendros and Max Playing Cards, the first Almenvi production has born as a reinterpretation of the classic Bicycle deck with a complete customization.

Behind a medieval history of intrigue and power, the keys are the main protagonists that appear in every corner of this deck. Vivid colors, with reds, blacks and golds impregnate cards and tuck case in a bright and luxurious finish that convert this deck into a fantastic tool to let your imagination run wild to create new tricks.

The big aces represent the four keys that open a treasure hidden in a chest, revealed in the jokers.



The court cards keep their traditional scheme where the usual weapons and objects are substituted by keys.



The numbered cards show custom pips without losing their classic essence.



The subtly asymmetrical back hides magic through its keyhole.



All inside a beautiful tuck case that also hides its own secrets.



The Bicycle branded deck will be printed by the USPCC and a print run initially limited to 1000 units will be adapted to the needs and demand of the project.

You have the chance to get this deck with a promotional price exclusive for backers and with reduced shipping cost. If you want to make your magic something different, do not hesitate, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!