JEWELRY BOX cards. Decorative watercolor beetles

Ehsan Ziafati is a versatile artist always in search of new creative challenges. His extraordinary vision of art as an individual and collective experience has enlisted in the adventure of creating a new deck of cards: JEWELRY BOX.

The insects fascinate the artist and that is the inspiration of these cards. Encouraged by his friends in a game night, Ehsan decided to create his own deck using original illustrations, made entirely by hand with watercolors and in which the protagonists are colorful beetles.



Thus, the cards are completely customized with 18 different paintings that have been used to decorate court cards, aces and jokers. These “bugs” have also been used to make a set of very special numbered cards that turn this deck into a colorful and very original beettles plague.



With enough funding, two different cases (black and white) will be produced and the decks will be manufactured by Make Playing Cards in a very limited print run.



If you like them, do not hesitate to visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!