BICYCLE MYSTIQUE Playing Cards. The link between the soul and the divinity. EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR READERS!

Shape Shifters Playing Cards is synonymous with elegance, beauty and detailed designs. After Paragon, his first solo deck after collaborating on many successful projects with other companies, Michael Encarnacao releases his latest work: BICYCLE MYSTIQUE.




Mystique represents the union of the soul with the divine, a link that allows the communication with the spiritual. This mix of emotions is represented in this deck through a very detailed and ornate artwork, with the so personal style, elaborated designs but without losing the essence of traditional playing cards.




The court cards, like in the rest of the deck, have been completely customized, but maintain the original poses which preserves its playability. A beautiful deck that will delight any card fan.



The details of each and every one of the cards will allow you to discover new things every time you look at them. The deck will be Bicycle branded printed by the USPCC and special features (limited seal, inner print in the tuck case, embossing, …) will be unlocked as stretch goals. There is planned a second limited edition of the tuck box.



Enjoy the designs and, please, visit the project website to get more info and raise your pledge.

Good luck!


If you are one of the first TEN backers that email the creator through Kickstarter saying you have seen this on Max Playing Cards, you will be able to get a deck in the already sold out earlier £7 tier.