Sybil cards by Erik Mana. The third and the last of a beautiful trilogy


Mana Playing Cards have become a reference in the playing cards world due to their elegance and style. After the very first edition, Oracle, his creator, Erik Mana, launched a successful campaign for the second edition, Indigo and Zinfandel. Now, the third and final deck of the trilogy has been released: Mana Sybil.



I had the chance to talk to Erik and this is what he said to me about this new deck:

Mana Playing Cards No.3, Sybil was created in honor of Mana’s first release, the Silver Oracle. She has evolved into a more elegant and more mature deck but still keeping the Oracle’s spirit inside.



Sybil, comes in three colors, Gold Reserve, Platinum Reserve and Sybil Livida (grey/blue). The Gold and Platinum Reserves are only limited to 1000 decks. Each comes with a numbered seal and a numbered certificate signed by the artist Erik Mana. Sybil Livida will be offered as an unlimited deck and will become Mana Playing Cards’ first staple supply for professional magicians and cardists.



Mana always creates new innovations with playing cards. The Silver Oracle had a unique 3D effect on the back. The Zinfandel & Indigo series offered a secret code that is embedded in the deck’s design. Now Sybil offers something beautiful and elegant through its tuck box. The Gold and Platinum Reserve decks will come in a custom designed and meticulously engineered tuck box cut exclusively for the Sybil series.

For all those fans of Mana playing cards, these decks will be the perfect addition to their collection. If you want to own these beauties, you can visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!