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13 October

CIRCUS Nostalgic Playing Cards. The golden age of the greatest show on Earth

Continuing with the collaborations with artists from around the world, Will Roya ( has teamed up again with Joe M. Ruiz (studio Urge) in a new deck: CIRCUS. After the success of their previous collaboration with Bicycle Monster, this deck presents a completely different designing style, inspired by the most traditional circus world, with classic characters like the strongman, the juggler, the trapeze artist or the bullet man. Born of the artist’s memories, the illustrations are full of color and emotion, with…

01 July

LLOD’S CARNIVAL Playing Cards. The steampunk and the alien power show

Terry Doll is an imaginative creator dedicated to science fiction writing and game design. In his first foray into playing cards design he offers us a fantastic world that mixes ancestral cultures with the technology of alien civilizations: LLOD’S CARNIVAL. The story behind this interesting deck is played by strange characters dressed in steampunk style and armed with a powerful but unstable technology whose abuse is toxic and lethal. As a complement to the story, the symbolism plays a very…

29 September

SIDESHOW Playing Cards. Step right up and see this circus deck full of oddities! EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION for readers

Here you have a new deck inspired by the circus world, that world of a distant past in which colorful circus posters flooded towns and cities featuring the most bizarre and extreme characters: SIDESHOW. With that inspiration, the cards evoke the curious and disturbing beings that hid behind the curtains and showed the astonished spectator their strange qualities. From Alligator Girl to the sword-swallower … a real “parade of freaks” in an attractive deck with aged aspect but very colorful. Find…

07 September

Sawdust deck by Emmanuel Jose. The Greatest Show on Earth

  When you mix a huge talent and papercutting techniques to make transformation playing cards you get incredible decks. That’s the case of Curator and Clipped Wings, the two previous works by Emmanuel Jose. Now, he presents his third creation: SawDust. Sawdust shares the style of its predecessors and it is inspired by the Circus world. Like the artist made in his previous decks, each card has been created during each week of a year (2013). The scenes depicted in…