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29 May

Bicycle Pin-Up Playing Cards. Beautiful and suggestive but strong and independent

  A pin-up girl is much more than a beautiful lady with transparencies, heels and stockings with garter belt, it is a symbol of women against social conventions and machismo. Although the first references of the pin-up date from the late nineteenth century, soldiers of the Second World War were those who made them really popular using them as patriotic charm (rather than erotic images). The original art, the erotic press and the photography transform the pin-up images in a…

29 May

Branle Playing Cards. Beauty and French refinement of the 16th century

  The 16th century, a turbulent period full of wars and conquests, is also the origin, in France, of a popular plebeian dance called Branle. Spreaded to the rest of Europe and seed of other dances, it is performed in pairs or groups forming lines or circles and it is the inspiration for the latest creation by Noir Arts: BRANLE Playing Cards. Although I could speak about a traditional inspiration, delicate and detailed illustrations and an impressive staging, I am…

23 May

Bicycle Stained Glass deck. Playing cards made with colored glass

  Although the art of stained glass dates back to the twelfth century Romanesque, it was Gothic architecture which made it really popular. Now, the beauty of stain and colored glass arises to the playing cards in the Bicycle Stained Glass deck. Produced by Collectable Playing Cards, this deck inspired by an ancient art is an explosion of light and color. With an elaborate aesthetic it reinterprets the classic cards building new faces and backs with small colored pieces like…

19 May

Aztec Codex Playing Cards. The Ancient Culture with a fun and colorful touch

  Emmanuel Valtierra is a versatile artist in love with design and music. One of his latest projects is a deck of cards just released: Aztec Codex. Born in Texas, Emmanuel lived and grew for 15 years in northern Mexico, where he could drink from the sources of such a rich artistic culture. Inspired by the ancient Aztec civilization, the artist has given these cards his own personality with fun and colorful designs that find their sense on the deepest roots…

18 May

OLYMPICOMIC deck. Even the Olympic rings can’t stop laughing

  Sense of humor and playing cards meet again. After the BaraJA-JA and The Kingdom of León decks, Carlos Garcia Valverde launches his latest creation: the Olympicomic Deck.     Using the same funny designing style, the Olympicomic Deck celebrates all the Olympic Games organized in the modern era, from Athens 1896 to Rio de Janeiro 2016.     Like it happened in the previous creations, the cards follow the Spanish deck schema, with the four traditional suits: coins, cups, swords…

15 May

Naipes Cofrades Playing Cards. Imagery of Sevillian fervor in a poker deck

  Spain is a country with deep-rooted traditions. There are many internationally well-known feasts that take place in our country and many of them have become a worldwide cultural and touristic reference. One of the most important is the Holy Week and one of the most popular is the Holy Week of Seville. And it is precisely the Holy Week of Seville which has inspired the creation of Naipes Cofrades, a collection of many of the imagery that goes over…

08 May

ARTE deck by Pr1me. The vision of the great masters in each card

  After positioning in the international market with high quality cards, Pr1me has launched their last deck: ARTE. Inspired by some of the greatest masters of painting, ARTE is a tribute to those geniuses. Aces and court show how classic artists like Manet, Caravaggio or Picasso would interpret each card.     Numbered cards follow a standard schema and jokers have been designed by Massimo Gramiccioni, the man behind Pr1me. He has also designed the back of the card inspired by…

05 May

Fuego! Not yet another Muertos deck

  Nam Tibon is a great artist. He is not new on playing cards design as he has been behind great decks such as the gold Edition of Get Made by Crooked Kings or the last British Monarchy Tally-Ho deck by LUX. He is the creative for a new brand called Cellar Window, and for the premiere, they have launched their first deck: FUEGO!   He is the creative director for a new brand called Cellar Window, and for the premiere, they…

01 May

The dark side of Kickstarter. A light at the end of the tunnel: Back to Asylum. Deep INTERVIEW and PROMOTION for readers.

  MAX’s NOTE This is the longest article I have ever published in Max Playing Cards. I have though of writing about Kickstarter’s dark side for a long time and the launch of this Back to Asylum Project has been the perfect excuse. I am sorry for having been so profuse in explanations, details and information but I have been working for a long time on this and I think the content of this article is worth the time to…

30 April

Luxx v2. Exclusive pre-sale of these nice and elegant Playing Cards

In summer 2014, JP Playing Cards launched LUXX decks, a design inspired by the traditional playing cards but with a touch of classic and delicate elegance developed by Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company). Only 1,111 of each were printed and they are officially sold out (excepting some units for specific promotions). Paul Middleton, the man behind JPPC, one of the most relevant online card shops in Europe, was really struck by the welcome showed about the first edition from the community of…