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08 January

THE MUSIC BOX Playing Cards. Open the lid and enjoy the melody

Technological advances developed by the companies behind playing cards production allow creators to offer us better quality and more original products. The most recent and original proposal by Classics Playing Cards is THE MUSIC BOX. Inspired by a traditional music box, the tuck case has an opening, design and finish similar to a real music box, with a wooden look, a magnetic flap, embossing and gold foil. In addition, and this is the main novelty, when you open the lid,…

20 March

Bicycle Rock’N’Roll. The hardest rocking playing cards in the history

  Ari Steffen and his wife Anna (Wylie, Cassie and Thomas also participated) created Radical 80’s deck, inspired by the decade’s cultural movements. Now, Ari shows his new creation: Bicycle Rock ‘N’ Roll.     As a huge fan of all music, but lacking any musical talent himself, Ari decided to create a deck of playing cards paying tribute to Rock ‘N’ Roll inspired by the musical culture and its history.     Each suit represents a different era of…