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27 February

SACRED DRACOMETRY Playing Cards. The mysticism of sacred geometry and dragons

Sacred geometry has historically been interpreted from many disciplines such as philosophy, mathematics or metaphysics. The relationship between geometric forms and nature are present in the culture from the Platonic solids to modern fractals. The presence of sacred geometry elements in the circular magic symbols used to summon dragons inspired Galen Ihlenfeldt, a lover of mythological cultures and graphic fantasy, to illustrate his new deck: SACRED DRACOMETRY. In its development, Galen has included elements from sacred geometry and each card is full of magical…

20 September

DRACONIAN Playing Cards. The last creation of Randy Butterfield is on fire

  There are talented artists, talented designers and also those who are able to carry their own style to everything they touch. The best example of this is Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company), Randy is a talented artist and designer really easy to be recognized in any of his creations. He has already designed a lot of popular playing cards well know by their bold and elegant style like the Ornate series, the Imperial decks or the very last LUXX cards….

26 June

Bicycle Royal Wilderness deck. Animals at war

  Reinterpreting the traditional poker cards, but taking care of them, the classic court cards are converted into groups of wild animals in a new deck by Brett Duddo: the Wilderness Bicycle deck.     Lions (diamonds), dragons (clubs), deer (hearts) and wolves (spades), designed by Anita Birgány personify the different court cards  of this special and interesting deck, that will be printed by the USPCC under Bicycle brand.     The castle back, drawn by Eleanor Lutz, will be printed in…