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26 April

Bicycle MayHem deck. When the Chaos becomes Harmony

  After offering us two amazing Bicycle decks, Dark Templar and Steel, Cardicians guys strike back with their last creation: Bicycle Mayhem deck. This deck keeps Cardicians’ traditional style. Intricate design, gold metallic sheen, elegant reliefs, all together in a powerful and luxury result. The name of the deck is inspired in the theory of the Order and Chaos. They consider the Chaos as the blend of multiple styles and techniques used to make this deck and the Order is…

20 October

Bicycle Dark Templar deck. Intricate and mysterious. Exclusive offer for MPC readers

  Founded in the early twelfth century, the Order of the Temple became one of the most popular groups of the Middle Ages. Its members, the Knights Templar, were military and Christians, and a significant number of legends about them are still alive, including the idea that the knights guard the Holy Grail, the cup which Christ and all his apostles drunk from at the Last Supper. This questioned idea has been the inspiration for novels and movies; and now…